Thursday, November 09, 2006


Another interesting topic for me. As long as I live, this question will always linger in my mind. Why is such a split in our lives? We create this split. We split the breathing into inhale and exhale. In essence it is nothing but breathing. We split pain and pleasure. We split love and hate. We split everything. Human mind enjoys splitting things. Duality!! We created this duality and make it exist in everything.

There is just oneness. Oneness with everything! No day or no light. No sun set or sun rise. No beginning and no end. Oneness! Duality is illusion. We enjoy creating illusion.

So.. how do we enjoy oneness? When will this duality dissolve into oneness? Nature has given us all the opportunity to go within ourselves to find this oneness. The moment of thoughtlessness; the moment of stillness; the moment of being everything. How to achieve this? There is nothing to achieve. Be like a child. Child only knows the present. It doesn’t care about past. It doesn’t think about future. All it cares is present. Be like a child. Be in the present. Get in touch with the inner being. Be in the completeness.
I am not promising that when you are in the present, you will not experience pain or suffering. You will. That is how we are created. However, if we are in present or non-dual sense, we will experience a profound peace of mind in pain and suffering.

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amala singh


Does not it this piece of thought sounds very close to my mine, way back in time :-)

Remember the title... "Innocence is a foundain in Finding Newness."

When you conquer all the forms of dualities in us, that is the very day you are out of fear of everything!

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